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Working remotely has created new challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Many of our clients are learning new ways to be effective and Pope Communications is supporting them with live, virtual communication training. We recently conducted virtual Executive Media Training for a biotech CEO and his leadership team, Presentation Skills and Executive Presence coaching for a Market Access Executive and many more. Contact us for information on our virtual communications coaching and strategy. Learn More

Demonstrate Leadership in All Communication

Date: January 31, 2019

Communication Leadership Executive Communications Coaching

Many people spend hours building PowerPoint slides for presentations but mindlessly dash off an email and send it without reviewing it first. Nothing says “I’m too busy for you” than a terse, three-word answer to an email question from a senior level person.

All of your communication is a reflection of you and written communication more than any other is a permanent record.

Certainly always pick up the telephone and reach out to someone if your response is lengthy or of a sensitive nature. The less controversial or negative information included in an email the better. However don’t just send short spurts of information back and forth. Truly think about what they need to know and want to know then deliver that information in the opening sentence or paragraph. In news it is known as “don’t bury the lead” and it works for email as well.