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IMPORTANT NOTEDuring 2024 and 2025 we will be limiting our focus to existing clients only. Currently we will only be traveling to a client’s location for training programs of 8 or more participants. For individual and small groups, we will be providing our coaching and training services virtually via Zoom.  Learn More


Industry Associations Communication Coaching

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Communication plays an extremely important role in industry associations. Professionals within an Industry Association are surrounding by peers in their everyday work life.

Importance of Communication in Industry Associations

Being able to communicate openly and effectively affects how business procedures work daily. Building a professional network also plays an important role in an individual within an industry association. Through effective communication, you will be able to set yourself up for success through new opportunities and relationships. At Pope Communications we offer courses and communication coaching customized to professionals within an industry association.

Services We Offer

At Pope Communications, we offer various services that can increase not only your communications skills but increase your leadership and grow confidence. These services include executive communications coaching, presentation skills training, media training, crisis communication, and facilitation skills. Good communication in the workplace plays an important aspect of business success. Specifically, individuals in Industry Associations may be in an environment that human interactions are inevitable. Communication can create better client relationships, alleviate conflict, and increase employee engagement. Let us give you the tools to better understand the goals of both your peers and clients.

Why Pope Communications

We are your experienced communication coaches. Alison Gregory Pope and Scott Pope have been providing counsel and training to clients globally for 30 years. We create an environment that challenges participants to engage in authentic communication. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s get started.