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IMPORTANT NOTE: During 2022 and 2023 we will be providing our coaching and training services either virtually via Zoom or in person at our Florida location on the beach in Melbourne, Florida where we can host individuals and teams locally. We are limiting our business travel and only traveling to a client’s location for training programs for groups of 10 or more participants. Learn More


Healthcare Communication Coaching

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One of the keys to achieving your company’s business goals is clear, concise, and effective communication. A positive work environment is fostered by open lines of communication. Motivated and inspired employees will be more dedicated and better able to achieve their personal goals as well as your business objectives.

Importance of Communication in the Healthcare Industry

Providers of healthcare services face communication challenges, unlike any other industry. Many individuals in this sector must communicate with high-level decision-makers such as legislators as well as with their clients and vendors. Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of communicating about health issues, individuals within this industry must be careful that they communicate facts effectively while still maintaining a compassionate tone. These extraordinary challenges require extraordinary training. At Pope Communications we offer communication coaching for healthcare professionals.

Services We Offer

Whether you are a hospital administrator, policy analyst, doctor, or nurse, you can benefit from the improved communication skills we can teach you. Our engaging courses will help you gain the communication tools you and your business need to excel in this rewarding career. One of the most common areas of concern for our clients is presentation skills. Our clients are aware that they will be required to make various presentations throughout their careers but have received little or no training in presentation skills during their academic years. During this course, we will guide our students to consider how their presentation will meet their audience’s goals and objectives. With that foundation in mind, we will show our students how to build ethos, make a logical appeal, and how to use emotional appeal to incentivize buy-in.

Another service that we offer is facilitation and moderation skills training. In this course, we help our clients understand the importance of balancing a discussion and how to ask probative questions that will encourage participants to express themselves. Our clients also learn the communication skills to build rapport with participants, refocus discussions to keep conversations on track and reset the conversation to provide a clear context of any dispute. These skills can be invaluable in any workplace.

Why Pope Communications

During our 30 years of operation, we have seen how valuable these skills are in the modern workplace. Our reputation has grown worldwide because our clients have achieved great success as a result of the skills they have learned from our training. In turn, our knowledge and experience have allowed us to refine our training allowing us to not only provide better insight into communication processes but also provide better, more engaging training. We hope you are as excited to develop your communication skills as we are to help you. Call us today to find out how we can help you!