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IMPORTANT NOTEDuring 2024 and 2025 we will be limiting our focus to existing clients only. Currently we will only be traveling to a client’s location for training programs of 8 or more participants. For individual and small groups, we will be providing our coaching and training services virtually via Zoom.  Learn More

Communication Skills Training

The net impression of your organization is shaped daily on the front lines of communication. Alison Gregory Pope and Scott Pope are leading authorities on communication and creating instant and lasting impact with all audiences.

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our Key Services

Executive Communications Coaching

We provide Advanced Communications Coaching for Executives including analyst communication, prep for earnings calls, coaching for major presentations such as town halls, investor road shows, and industry conferences, media coaching and more. We help executives fully develop communication skills that drive results and achieve strategic goals.

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Presentation Training

Our group and individual Presentation Training sessions equip participants with the skills to deliver a presentation that is powerful, memorable, and effective. We also train participants to manage the critical Q & A aspect of a presentation. Our programs are effective for both experienced and inexperienced presenters.

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Media Training and Crisis Communication

Our Media Training teaches participants to effectively communicate throughout the interview by developing and delivering targeted key messages, avoiding over preparation and message confusion. Our Crisis Communication training equips spokespersons with the skills to manage even the most challenging crisis situations and includes realistic crisis role play exercises and full-scale disaster drills.

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Moderator and Facilitation Training

Moderating or facilitating important meetings such as advisory boards, town halls, or stakeholder summits, is a challenging role. Our Moderator and Facilitation Training sessions sharpen the skills of participants to draw out productive discussion while managing diverse view points.

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And Introducing

The Make or Break Minute®

That crucial moment when you are in the spotlight or on stage. It could be a major presentation or pitching a proposal. What you say in the first minute will make or break your chance for success. We show you how to nail The Make or Break Minute® and deliver it with impact! You will learn the secret to capturing the audience’s attention and will never flub your opening minute again!

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