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IMPORTANT NOTE: During 2022 and 2023 we will be providing our coaching and training services either virtually via Zoom or in person at our Florida location on the beach in Melbourne, Florida where we can host individuals and teams locally. We are limiting our business travel and only traveling to a client’s location for training programs for groups of 10 or more participants. Learn More



Presentation Skills Training

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Today’s speakers must master the challenging combination of communicating complex information in an audience-centered context while engaging the hearts and minds of those in attendance.

The best presenters recognize that to be effective, they must deliver targeted messages that set the context and strategy behind ideas. Whether presenting a detailed plan of action to stakeholders, delivering difficult news to senior management, explaining a technical issue to cross-functional colleagues, or presenting from the stage at a national sales meeting —effective communicators can transition skillfully from audience to audience, clearly communicating with each one to gain understanding and influence results.  Unfortunately today many presentations are just focused on delivering PowerPoint slides with facts and figures, that doesn’t firmly connect with the needs of the audience leaving them disenfranchised and bored.

The Pope’s Presentation Skills Training helps participants deliver effective presentations by training them to analyze their audience and to deliver a “story” that is engaging and memorable. We believe that the messenger and how they communicate is the key to success. Our Presentation Training programs are designed to strengthen both the message and the messenger. Presentation training can be conducted in a group format with breakouts, one to one or a combination of group classroom followed by private, individual coaching sessions.

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