Programs include:

Leadership Development

Presentation Skills Training

Stakeholder Engagement Training

Customized Team Training

Facilitation Skills Training

Media and Crisis Communication Training

"Executive Presence” is required of leaders at the top yet it is difficult to describe and challenging to teach.  It is often considered an intangible quality that is innate.  In reality, Executive Presence is developed and projected through leadership communication and confidence. While good management skills are required, it is the ability to communicate the strategy behind ideas, influence outcomes and decisions, lead and facilitate meetings, present to employees, customers, peers, senior executives, and to external or field-based teams that demonstrate the qualities of executive presence.  

Executive Coaching and Leadership Communication Training focus on the expectations of a leader within the organization when it comes to projecting polished and inspiring leadership.  We coach participants in the latest techniques for leading a formal meeting with key stakeholders, delivering a presentation to internal and external audiences live and via webcast, a keynote address at a major conference, and even speaking to legislators, regulators or elected officials – any situation that requires the executive to sensitively and effectively influence outcomes.  Our coaching programs can be conducted one to one, in small groups or larger groups with breakouts.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Communication Training


Programs include:

Media Training

Crisis Communications Planning and Training

Issues Management

Answering Questions Effectively Training

Pope Communications' Media Training is designed for those in a spokesperson role who may or may not have much media interview experience. We work with each individual to achieve a higher level of skill and effectiveness. During our media training programs participants will learn to communicate with the media by following a simple planning process to target key messages avoiding over preparation and message confusion during interviews. Participants will learn to use the “bridging model” designed to address questions directly while escaping question traps and preventing rambling, unfocused answers. Our media training programs equip participants with the skills to develop and deliver a response that is powerful, persuasive, and effective. 

When it comes to Crisis Readiness, the two greatest factors that determine an organization’s ability to weather the storm are first, its preparedness and second, its ability to communicate effectively. A crisis can thrust an organization or company into the intense glare of the public spotlight where they must quickly determine the communication, operations, human, emotional and financial demands required to manage the crisis. Much is demanded quickly of decision-makers and spokespersons. Our Crisis Communication Planning and Training will ensure you are prepared for the worst.