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Pope Communications’

media training will enhance spokespersons' abilities to professionally and credibly face reporters in a variety of interview formats and develop a greater ability to field questions and manage controversy.

Media Training

The Popes’ Executive Media Training is designed for those in a leadership or spokesperson role who may or may not have much media interview experience. We work with each individual to achieve a higher level of skill and effectiveness. During our media training programs participants will learn to communicate with the media by following a simple planning process to target key messages avoiding over preparation and message confusion during interviews. Participants will also learn to use the “bridging model” designed to address questions directly while escaping question traps and preventing rambling, unfocused answers. Our media training programs equip participants with the skills to develop and deliver a response that is powerful, persuasive, and effective.

Crisis Communication Planning and Training

A company’s reputation is built and shaped over many years, yet mistakes in handling a crisis or controversy can destroy it overnight. Anticipation, planning and practice can mean the difference between a well-managed incident with short-term impact and a public relations disaster with lasting repercussions.

At Pope Communications we understand the immediacy of the court of public opinion and the longer-term effects of the court of law. To avoid the most serious consequences, planning and preparation are essential. Our crisis planning and crisis training are designed to prepare leaders, spokespersons and even frontline personnel for real world situations that could thrust them into the glare of the public spotlight.

Issues Management 

Major missteps and lost opportunities litter the landscape of today’s business environment as executives and corporate spokespersons struggle with difficult controversial issues and outright scandals that can damage business plans overnight. The issues management skills of senior leaders are a key indicator to internal and external stakeholders of the strength and integrity of an organization. 

Ultimately, a company must be able to demonstrate its values, integrity, and business philosophy, even in the face of controversy. The Popes’ Issues Management Training will sharpen messages and test drive them in realistic and challenging interviews, meetings and presentations.

Answering Questions Effectively

Answering questions during meetings where the stakes are high and the discussion contentious is one the most difficult situations to master. While we can prepare for presentations or to deliver facts and information, it is more challenging to anticipate questions and to respond with the best answer. The ability to answer questions effectively can have a great impact on a person’s credibility. Meetings and discussions can quickly shift to the negative as questions arise that challenge conclusions or debate details.

Answering Questions Effectively training focuses on the best tools and techniques for fielding questions and managing the process of Q&A interaction. The training will sharpen the ability of each participant to stay focused and concentrate on what’s being asked while determining the most direct answer and to effectively guide the discussion back to key points.

Media and Crisis Communications Training