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Whether facing clients, senior executives, stakeholders, or employees — any audience where performance is critical, the senior leader must communicate clearly and inspire confidence.

Our private sessions are highly customized to the individual's unique needs and focused on establishing a consistent executive presence. 

Leadership Communication Development

The Popes are skilled in the essentials of working with senior executives

and high potential leaders. We have designed a curriculum that maximizes development while minimizing time commitment. We understand key business and stakeholder issues and the intense 24/7 communication environment. 

Our Leadership Development coaching helps senior leaders to drive business results, achieve strategic goals, motivate direct reports, and engage stakeholders.  

Whether participating in a client meeting, staff meeting or a presentation to senior management, the ability to clearly and credibly communicate plans and ideas is crucial. Our Leadership Communication Development program begins with one to one video coaching and continues with pre-presentation or event coaching and on-going evaluation. The Additional option of 360 interviews sharpens the focus for the participant through real time feedback from colleagues, managers and direct reports.

Presentation Skills Training

The best presenters recognize that to be effective, they must deliver targeted, “audience-centered” messages that set the context and strategy behind ideas and data. To achieve results, audiences must first be motivated to listen to the presenters point of view and then to ultimately believe in the message and determine if the messenger is credible. Unfortunately most business presentations are just focused on delivering facts and figures, without firmly embedding them in the needs of the audience leaving them disenfranchised and bored.

The Popes help participants deliver effective presentations by training them to analyze their audience and to build strong presentations that will drive results. We believe that the messenger and how he or she communicates is the key to success. Our Presentation Training programs are designed to strengthen both the message and the messenger. Presentation training can be conducted in a group format with breakouts, one to one or a combination of group classroom followed by private, individual coaching sessions. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective, two-way communication with key constituencies is central to maintaining and sustaining healthy stakeholder relationships. Leaders and spokespersons with good communications skills, especially the ability to engage in dialogue not just monologue are the key. All too often, strategic messages comes across as a one way conversation when leaders and spokespersons become so focused on their “talking points” or PowerPoint slides that they fail to create a dynamic conversation with stakeholders.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Training assists participants  to establish rapport, set context and delivering messages with an authentic voice enhancing the overall impact of the strategic story.  We hone participants ability to listen and respond to questions and to effectively to address concerns of stakeholders.

Facilitation Skills Training 

The communication and facilitation skills of up and coming leaders are highly visible across the company and crucial to achieving better team effectiveness, skillful project management, high impact training programs and the many situations where strong facilitation skills are required. Facilitators often interact with important audiences such as senior executives, cross functional and field based teams, as well as external stakeholder audiences. 

Facilitation Skills training teaches participants the important balance between confidently leading a discussion and drawing out participants by probing for information and opinions. The training includes skill-building in establishing rapport, setting a clear context, Q&A facilitation, active listening, controlling room dynamics while keeping the discussion on track and managing personalities.

Customized Team Training Programs

Team effectiveness can be increased through customized training programs designed to bring the skills of the individual and the team to a higher level. Whether facing a changing marketplace, a challenging issue, or internal change in business operations, specialized teams must be able to influence outcomes and build collective credibility. The Pope’s have worked with many teams across a range of clients to improve their effectiveness. We work closely with each team to develop tailored team exercises and personal coaching for each of our customized programs.

Executive Coaching Programs